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North West Austin Civic Association

Reflective Curb Wrap Ordering Page

A token of appreciation for our valued members and future members too!

Don't be left out!  Order your FREE gift today!

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If you needed an ambulance, could it find you?

NWACA offers 100 members free reflective curb addresses, with focus on helping elderly neighbors.

As NWACA member and Westover Hills neighbor Kristy Osmun pointed out to us recently, if you take note of the curbs during your increasingly long pandemic walks, you’ll notice that many curb addresses are faded beyond legibility and because some house addresses can be hard to see at night, having a clear, easy-to-read curb address can be very helpful to EMS personnel in the event of an emergency.

That’s why NWACA is glad to announce a limited, free reflective curb addressing program, especially focused on reaching elderly neighbors who might be at greater risk for needing an ambulance.

Elderly neighbors do not need to be NWACA members to benefit from this offering.


Here’s how the program works!

The first 100 NWACA members who have a faded curb address (or who want to help an elderly neighbor with a faded curb address) can place their order below!  Austin Curb Service will be using a

“Curb Wrap”, which is reflective, clearer, and easier to read than paint. 

The curb wrap will come with a one-year warranty.

While some of NWACA’s annual traditions have been put on hold due to local health and safety regulations, we remain committed to finding ways to serve our members and enhance our

shared safety and sense of community.

 If NWACA members or non-members like the look of the Curb Wrap addresses but aren’t among the first 100 to sign up, they can go to directly to order their own for a 20% Discount. Thank you for the great suggestion Kristy Osmun.


If any readers have an idea for community enhancements they’d like the NWACA board to consider,

send them along to

To Receive Your Free Gift, Use Coupon Code NWACA At Checkout

(A 100% Discount!)

Every Curb Wrap Ordered From This Page 

Is Professionally Installed By Austin Curb Service!

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Your contribution enhances the entire community!

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