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1. Make sure the surface is dry.
2. Use a stiff brush to remove any debris before installation.
3. Peel backing off wrap.

(be sure to not let the wrap curl and stick to itself!)

4. Line up wrap with top of curb or driveway for a level install.
5. Press wrap on with your hands to begin the adhesion process.
6. Once wrap is pressed flat on the curb, use a rubber mallet (or similar) to
embed the wrap into the concrete or surface.
7. Make sure the entire wrap including all corners and edges are completely

embedded with the rubber mallet.
Congratulations, you’re done!


1. Prepare Surface: Clean any dirt, chipping paint and loose debris. It is recommended to either pressure wash or clean with a stiff bristle brush. Do NOT skip this step… while the adhesive is very strong it needs a clean surface to adhere to.
2. <Optional-see picture below> After step 1, Paint a background for the Curb Wrap to be placed on top. This will act as a border and cover-up any previous painted marker and prevent it from bleeding through as well. Choose any color you desire that compliments your new Curb Wrap.
● Measure dimension of curb wrap and add 1 or 2 inches to both length and width. These extra inch(es) will be the border you will see after wrap installation. Personal preference as to how wide of a border you desire. <see image below>
● Measure and mark the dimensions on the concrete.
● Get masking tape or blue painter’s tape and create an outside border. Press tape onto concrete the best you can. To avoid over-spray outside of the tape, be sure to tape newspaper around the outside of the rectangle you created with the tape.
● Take your chosen spray paint and lightly apply the first coat. Make sure to spray from
left/right in even strokes from directly above (if on driveway) from directly in front (if on
curb) the rectangle to ensure a straight edge created by the tape. (if sprayed at angle, more prone to getting under tape due to porous concrete texture.
● Repeat with 2 more light coats, allowing at least 5 minutes between all 3 coats.
● Allow the paint at least 1 hour to dry. (depending on weather conditions)
3. Apply Curb Wrap: Peel off protective white backing. Be sure not to let the Curb Wrap stick to itself.
● Apply to the surface, being careful the Wrap is straight on the first application.
4. Press into Concrete: Since the concrete surface is semi-rough, it is recommended to use a
rubber mallet or something similar with a semi-soft surface to press the Curb Wrap into the

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